Not to long ago, Saott Pagano and Speady J were touring around collaberating on some awsome AV jamms. They got recognized on apple's webpage because of their audience danzelling. We'll now those tracks have have been recorded on DVD for the home hi-fi audience. My only complaint is that the free version download iso is only in stereo, I guess I'll have to stopping being so cheap an shell out the $15 and pick one up.
All grumbling aside this is a solid production. It features alot of Scotts best material from reline and some new content that can is also well thought out. If you like is frenetic camera style, then you should be please with this work. On the sound side Speedyj provides his best performance since his phenominal break through album "public energy." Don't pass up this holiday stocking stuffer.

Ewi synth

Reaktor instrument designed for use with the Akai Ewi 4000 Now in the native-instruments library:

In rainbows

The downloading has stopped for in rainbows, so if you didn't get it, you'll have to wait until January when it comes out on CD. I've always like radiohead, but they were never my favourite band. This new album has just totally blown me away! With both melodic and Rockin tracks. After listening on my 5.1 home theater the sound quality left nothing lacking. Big Ups to Radiohead for adding this holiday treat to the playlist.

Things I want for Christmas

Besides the obvious and un purchase-able

i.e. World peace, stop global warming, save the forests, etc...

This list is in no particular order:
* cactus from dry garden
* ardouino
* nomad cafe gift card
* a big shovel
* Pair of headphones
* gift certificate to ameoba
* subscriptions to wired and rez magazines

I'll think of more things later....

also note: I want products that are made in the United States preferably California.

Meridian Gallery podcast episode 6

For the sixth episode of the Meridian Gallery podcast, the Composer in Residence is Cypod. This episode will feature two movements from "Fullmoon Rising," an Electro-Acoustic Operatic duet with interactive motion graphics. Performed April 12, 2006 in San Francisco California. Members of Cypod for this performance include voice and composition by Margot, electronic and acoustic instruments plus motion graphic composition and performance by Beau. The Meridian gallery music series is curated by Tom Bickley. Special thanks to the Meet the Composer Grant Foundation. To listen to the podcast visit

If you have been a Meridian Gallery Composer in Residence, and would like to have your work considered for the podcast, then please contact me.


SF gets ready to rumble with 50+ contestant San Francisco Latptop Battle. Rumour has it that a compillation CD could be in the works

Be Sure to come Out early, 7pm

The actual competition starts at 7pm, so come out early for the SF Laptop Battle

Saturday, Nov 10 2007 7:00 PM

111 Minna Gallery
111 Minna St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

Laptop Machine Music Battle

Cypod to compete

Saturday, Nov 10 2007 7:00 PM

111 Minna Gallery
111 Minna St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

Cost : FREE < 10:30pm | $5 < 11pm > $10

San Francisco Laptop Machine Music Battle 2007. Competitive Music Challenge with special celebrity judges Mochipet(Daly City Records), Richard Devine (Asphodel Records), Zapan (Forth City), Robot Speak, Boreta (Glitchmod), Mickey T (Drum Machine Museum), LowPro Lounge, Patrice Scanlon (Mills College)

2:30 set at the loop fest Saturday

Cypod to perform a set at the

y2k7 loopFest Saturday 20 October

Pearl Alley Studios,

120 Pearl Alley, Santa Cruz, CA

Headphone Festival in the SF Mission

Saturday, October 13 – Sunday, October 14, 2007
1 PM - 1 AM
$5 admission
Listeners at the event plug into headphone amps [approximately 60 output jacks] provided throughout the venue or listen to the live stream featuring performances by:

Saturday October 13: Oannes, Patrice Scanlon, Pistols Will Air, Raster Roobit, Slither Syndicate, The Beatle, Forms Of Things Unknown, Halcyon High, Deletist, Moisture, Justino, Blue Vitriol, Zentropia, Pagan/Presley, 100s of Dismembered Handbags, Janeda Pain, Conrad Lewbel, Ozmadawn, Soundtrack for a Movie About a Dream About Nothing, 12 Types, Beytah, Heartworm, PU22L3, and This Window. 

Sunday October 14: LX Rudis, Magnanimous, Transponderfish, Lance Grabmiller, Double Vision, Mnemoth, Tullan Velte, Headboggle, Matt Davignon, Anthony Marin, Quiet Time, Cypod, My Helical Elk, Catsynth, Sakana, Nommo Ogo, Respectable Citizen, Les Trois Feuilles, Gather the Bones, Filthmilk, Horaflora, LNA, Telepathik Friend, and Weldschmertz.

[:] PLUG3 [:] will transmit 48 live performances for 2 days in participation with the Tenth Annual International Headphone Festival – LE PLACARD X – a nonstop streaming interaural experiment that migrates from city to city broadcasting headphone concerts in listening rooms around the world. The festival experiments with exploring new medias, sonic perception, levels of concentration, isolation as inspiration, and spontaneous modification within a global community of eclectic culture- jammers, curious engineers, instigators and self-sufficient sound artists. Initiated in 1998 by Parisian musician Erik Minkkinen, who broadcast a performance from the closet in his apartment to listeners in Japan, LE PLACARD is a nomadic "festival within a festival" that functions under a modality of open programming; artists performing self-organize this global program.

Drum Machine Museum on display

After much anticipation the Drum Machine Museum finally opens to the public for the Y2K7 loopfest

On the Air

Electronet 2, has been scheduled to run on KYOURADIO. We've put it in
the lineup for this Saturday Sep 29th at 3:24 am (PT). Listen online at or in the bay area at 1550 am

Oct 20 Official Live Looping Day

The Mayor of Santa Cruz will declare October 20th "International Live Looping Day" In honour of the Y2K7 International Looping festival

Woodstockhausen Cancelled

Woodstockhausen has been called off on account of rain. Hopefully this message will reach you all in time, if not there is a warm dry place with a the possibility of a small jam session. Look forward to more information about rescheduling of the event coming soon.

Woodstockhausen 2007

Performer listing announced:

Tim Thompson - Finger Fresco 2.0
Later Days(wayne) - Tangle
Keith Garrett - Transcommunality
The Posthumous Release (Barry Threw and Nathan Blaz) - Improvised electronic duo
Clatterbox - Live at Night (kusp parts)
Bruce Bennett - schema Composition for soprano sax and live electronics
Sidecar (Anne Hege and Heather Heise) - The Children's Hour Dark ambient
Luke Dahl - the name of that thing that sits in the whatever place
The Rick Walker Drum and Bugle Choir - Weird
lighting, uplit, dark, etc
Phillip Greenlief - Fourth World Accoustic
[NameLess Kala] (DJ saKAna and Djynnx Ogo) - slot good sublingual...subsonics Noise, gamelan, percussion
Steve McDonald & Justine Kragen - dj Dolphin: Tuna Net Freak-Out Laptop guitar, ambient underwater
Amar Chaudhary - Folk electronic
Cypod - The Lunar Preludes piece composed for voice and electronics
Hanab Krewe
Staff and artists jam session

Tickets and info available at

Woodstockhausen on YouTube

To get everyone excited about Woodstockhausen this weekened I posted my performance during the 2003 festival on Youtube:

Hope that gets you in the mood!

Y2K7 International Live Looping Fest

dates have been slated for this years 6th annual live looping festival in Santa Cruz California. The festival is a marathon of looping featuring 60 artists from 8 countries:

Saturday DJset

On Saturday I'll be spin an early evening set at club metro in the castro, at an Aids Marathon benefit. Some come on out and support: 

Labour Day Bash

The Drum Machine Museum Labor Day Weekend Open House was also the East Bay release party for the VJ Book - ‘vE-”jA

Performance came from DJs: Chris Cook (KUSF: 90.3FM) & DJ Guanaco (Drum Machine Museum).

And a Special Live set from Saul Stokes (Home made modular synthesizer)


New track from the element lounge sessions

End of the Summer Performances

Summer is ending with a flurry of performances:

Woodstockhause 2007:

The Headphone Festival:

The Laptop Battle:

Blogger Widget

Blogging just got easier with the dashboard blogger widget. No need to bring up a webpage to make a quick post, submit directly from dashboard:

Frend Resistance

Fight the occupation. Join the underground. The first Wednesday of every month, Budget Cuts Music presents FRENCH RESISTANCE at Element Lounge, featuring live electronic music, underground DJs, and overdriven video. Dancing is hard. Fighting is easy. Resisting is radical.
Wednesday, August 1st, 2007, 9pm, $5
Sariah Storm (Terpsichore)
The Luxury Tax (Budget Cuts Music)
SelfText (Budget Cuts Music)
Nisus (The Movement)

Visuals by:
Hunter (Budget Cuts Music)
Cypod (Drum Machine Museum)

Element Lounge, 1028 Geary Blvd, SF, CA

Guilty Pleasures

On the Internet guilty pleasures abound, but purhaps none so sinister as subscribing to the Bay Area New Music email discussion list. The witty banter bounces back and forth like a tennis match of ascii text. Just reading is probably your best bet, also know as lurking. Because any posting can entangle you in a multi-dimensional free for all; if only the democratic process could be this diplomatic. In the past these lists were none to clogg inboxs, crouding out "important" correspondences. With todays email filtering options and larger storage quotas , The email lists have become the magazines du jour. All the messages get routed automagically to the folder, that you can convienently perouse at your leasure. One can subscribe with only a valid email address at or read through the archives. Leave some comments if you want it to get tied in through a blogger feed?

Keep on Rocking in the e~world

Just when we thought internet radio was lost Congress and SoundExchange have agreed not to enforce the per/play rate hike while negotiations continue. The proposed rate increases would have shut done most independent web-casters. You can get involved at

Skronkathon 7

In conjunction with 21 Grand's 7th anniversary celebration, the 7th annual Transbay Skronkathon BBQ is an all-day marathon music and BBQ extravaganza. Admission is free, but we'll pass the hat for the benefit of the Transbay Creative Music Calendar. We'll have a couple of charcoal grills out in the alleyway for your gustatory pleasure (BRING STUFF TO GRILL!) and a double load of the Bay Area's best creative musicians inside for your listening pleasure.

Date: Sunday July 15
If you are unable to attend, you can listen to a live internet stream, provided by sfSoundRadio.

Schedule (subject to change!):

Time Performer
12:30 The Transbay Circulation Desk
Folding, labeling, stamping and skronking with the Transbay Calendar staff: Matt Davignon, Tom Duff, Matt Ingalls, Aurora Josephson, David Slusser
1:00 womans worth
matthew grothman, alto, wilson drozdowski, trumpet, randylee sutherland, drums; dense yet melodic improvised outbursts with a strong focus on dynamics and form.
1:30 Recursive Heretics
Scott R. Looney uses his laptop to process Aaron Bennett's saxophone, resulting in a creative feedback loop of rare improvisational beauty.
2:00 Polly Moller & Company
Guitarist Grant Gardner and bassist Jim Carr have come to Oakland from New Jersey and Kentucky, respectively just to do Polly Moller's bidding. The result should be poetry, flutistry and otherworldly atmospheres.
2:30 Cornelius Cardew Choir
The Bay Area's own community new music chorus performs new works and Avant Garde classics
3:00 Jonathan Segel
3:30 Davignon/Brumit
Matt Davignon, drum machine, Jon Brumit, drums
4:00 David Slusser project
4:30 jay korber & mikey yeda duo
4:50 Heule/Dryer duo
Jacob Felix Heule, Tony Dryer
5:15 The Dark Side of Genius
Funk/Psychedelic/Fake Jazz improv
loud crazy abrasive improvised music: Jeremy Kearney, tenor sax, Alan Anzalone, saxophones, Micaela Petersen on, drums
6:30 Generally Midair
electro-acoustic chamber ensemble: Pauline Oliveros [via the net], Joe Zitt (electronics and voice), Scot Gresham-Lancaster (electronics), Adria Otte (violin), Beau Casey (electronics), Margot Bevington (voice), Thea Farhadian (electronics), Bob Marsh (cello), Tom Bickley (electronics), Nancy Beckman (shakuhachi).
7:00 Amar Chaudhary
solo digital
7:30 RTD3
Ron Heglin, trombone, Tom Nunn, homebrew percussion, Doug Carroll, elec cello
8:00 Dr. Bob
David Michalak, Bob Marsh, drummer: Cautionary surgical music and video (incl. Man Ray's DADA film masterpiece Return To Reason)
8:30 Mute Socialite
Alee Karim, Bass, Ava Mendoza, Guitar, Moe! Staiano, Drums, percussive guitar, Shayna Dunkleman
9:00 Tim Thompson
interactive video+music: theme music and title sequence graphics from a 70's TV action series gone horribly wrong.
9:30 Jorrit Dijkstra (Netherlands)/Phillip Greenlief (Oakland)
saxophone duo: Improvised explorations into the sonic possibilities of the saxophone
10:00 The Whassuptet
Gino Robair, Matt Ingalls, John Shiurba, Tim Perkis, Tom Djll+ maybe one Very Special Guest; re-enacting the 1878 Siege of Cleveland, employing 10-penny nails, unpeeled bananas, and a live crow
BONUS! SL Morse - Albert Camus - "The Myth of Sisyphus"
Sarah Lockhart and Suki O'Kane, morse code drumming about death/absence of God, lifting weights, success and failure, scheduled at their leisure in the afternoon in front of God's Gym.

Cost : free
Sunday, July 15, 2007 12:30 PM
Location: 21 Grand Gallery
416 25th St.
Oakland, CA 94612 view map
More Info: (510) 444-7263

Rebirth of Podcast

Yahoo decided to shut down webjay, they say to get more people on yahoo music. As a result electo-net has moved over to, and we have a new format, with song tittles and artist's being announced. This episode feature: Cypod “Nintendo Girl”, from the Daly City Records Mochipet remix competition; Saturnines “Ride Bikes” from the peloton-musique 2X-LP bicycle compilation; and Mystified “Leakage”

powered by ODEO

french resistance

Fight the occupation. Join the underground. The first Wednesday of every month, Budget Cuts Music presents FRENCH RESISTANCE at Element Lounge, featuring live electronic music, underground DJs, and overdriven video. Dancing is hard. Fighting is easy. Resisting is sexy.
Wednesday, June 6th, 2007, 9pm, $5
Forest Green (Daly City Records)
Bloodysnowman (Daly City Records)
Nezzy Idy (Moon Cats)
Warmen Fussi vs. Beatheart (Doggpony Records)
The Culprits (Budget Cuts Music)
SelfText (Budget Cuts Music)
Visuals by:
Hunter (Budget Cuts Music)
Cypod (Drum Machine Museum)

"eyes" DVD now availble

I collaberated with the band dud for a show, some of the tracks made the final cut, and are now on DVD. The disk features visuals by Tim Thompson author of key kit signal processing environment and VJ FranzK, aswell as well as a host of zaney musicians. The music shows elements of prog-Rock and is boh viceral and political. Pick yours up today at:

Live Performance; the New Meridian Gallery

"Generally Midair:" a performance featuring cypod performing with an ensemble of other musicians at the new location of San Francisco's Meridian gallery.

Performers to join in the sound making are: Pauline (via satellite, Joe (laptop and voice), Scot (laptop), Adria (violin), Beau (laptop), Margot (voice), Thea (laptop), Bob (cello), Tom (laptop), and Nancy (shakuhachi)

"Generally Midair:" is to be performed May 9 2007. The new location of Meridian is 535 Powell Street in the city:

Viv La France

Cypod to perform visuals live with VJ Franz tonight!

[04.04.07] budget cuts music presents THE FRENCH RESISTANCE at element lounge, featuring dopestyle with yoko solo and pu22l3, bloody snowman, patrice scanlon, preshish moments, the culprits, the luxury tax, keith! and the terrorists, burbank international, and the wolf suit. 8pm. $5. 1028 geary blvd, san francisco.

There is now some documentation about the cypod performance at the Luggage store online:

It contains audio, video, rss feeds (suitable for itunes) and links to the performers homepages. Hopefully you will enjoy the performance, and any feedback about your experience viewing the documentation would be welcomed.


This looks fun, and I am going to be in LA this weekend.

Join us Sunday, February 11 2006 for our sixth Share.LA

This month's theme is Valentine's Day. Bring audio/video that fits the theme for BONUS POINTS
Also, we're changing things up a bit this time - it will be Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday night, we're asking everyone to bring a little something to eat/drink, and we'll be trading off between jamming and workshop sessions, where we'll all work on things together.


3pm-8pm, 02/11/07 at Basswerks in mid-city Los Angeles.

5411 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90016 - directions on the Basswerks site.

Video Artists:
We provide a 4-Channel Video Mixer, 2 projectors, 2 screens, multiple TVs, power strips, and table space for about 5 artists. Bring your laptops, peripherals, DVD players, preview monitors, 10’ Composite Video Cable, and a 10’ S-Video cable if you like. Bonus Points for bringing your own table and power strips. Come early if you’d like to set up additional projectors/screens.

Audio Artists:
We provide a set of studio monitors, a main mixer, power strips, and enough table space for 5 artists. Bring your instruments, laptops, drum acoustic + electric instruments and a pair of 1/4” cables at least 10’ in length. Bonus Points for bringing your own table and power strips.

See you soon!

PS assuming that Sunday Afternoon turns out to be a fitting time for Share, we'll be having it on the Second Sunday of the month from now on. So tentative dates for the rest of the year are: March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10, July 8, August 12, September 9, October 14, November 11 and December 9.

Cypod homepage offline

What with the show and new gif animation posting on my space, it looks like the cypod homepage got shut down for a couple days. Not to worry! There is another version that the domain has been re-routed too. It isn't exactly a mirror, but rather a fun alternative. The regular homepage should return sometime in march.

Cypod @ Luggage Store SF

Thursday, Feb 1 2007 8:00 PM

8pm: Joanna Griffin (possibly with special guest) - Field recordings & electronics based on the Space Science Lab at UC Berkeley (More details to follow soon)

9pm: Cypod Electro-Acoustic Multi-media Experience (Beau Casey - Virtual Instruments, Margot Casey - Voice, Franz Keller - Video Projection, Nora Hoffman - Violin, Kinji Hayashi - Dance, and special surprise guest.)

Luggage Store Gallery New Music Series
1007 Market St.
@ 6th Street

Cost : $6-10

T-10 festival

The annual T-10 festival is here once again, and Cypod has made the cut, so come out and enjoy the visual experience

Saturday, January 6 7th Annual T-10 Video Festival Night 1 8;30pm, $5-10

The T-10 Festival is two nights of independent video gems that clock in at 10 minutes or less. Each night is a different program with works ranging from experimental to traditional narrative. Highlights include Carl Diehl's " Break of Dawn" creating hallucinogenic imagery through intensive editing and effects to transform otherwise mundane landscapes. Tonight's program includes works by: Ronnie Cramer, John Paul Olsen, Constance Rivemale, Pete Glover, Carl Diehl, Michael Trigilio, Brent Burrows, Franz Keller, Jordan Essoe, Cypod, Tamo Noonan, Katie Krohn, and Yin-Ju Chen & James T. Hong

Sunday, January 7 7th Annual T-10 Video Festiva Night 2 8:30pm, $5-10

The T-10 Festival is two nights of independent video gems that clock in at 10 minutes or less. Each night is a different program with works ranging from experimental to traditional narrative. Highlights include Shani Heckman's " Wrong Bathroom" addressing concerns of the transgender community with compassionate humor and candor. Tonight, we screen works by: Jeremy Newman, Herb Heinz, Fritz Donnelly, Jacob Eichert, Henrik Lebuhn, Shani Heckman, Heike Liss (w/ music by Patrice Scanlon), Trish Stone, Killer Banshee, Kathleen Quillian, Michael Mantra, and Robert Philipson.

21 Grand is located at 416 25th St. (at Broadway) near downtown Oakland.

(510) 444-7263

Gallery Hours: Thursdays 4-8pm, Fridays 4-6pm, Saturdays & Sundays 1-6pm

All events are all ages unless otherwise noted | Wheelchair Accessible

Also Sorry about the missing posts over the holidays, blogger mail had a bit of a snafu? Still trying to sort it out, I will republish those shortly