Live Performance; the New Meridian Gallery

"Generally Midair:" a performance featuring cypod performing with an ensemble of other musicians at the new location of San Francisco's Meridian gallery.

Performers to join in the sound making are: Pauline (via satellite, Joe (laptop and voice), Scot (laptop), Adria (violin), Beau (laptop), Margot (voice), Thea (laptop), Bob (cello), Tom (laptop), and Nancy (shakuhachi)

"Generally Midair:" is to be performed May 9 2007. The new location of Meridian is 535 Powell Street in the city:

Viv La France

Cypod to perform visuals live with VJ Franz tonight!

[04.04.07] budget cuts music presents THE FRENCH RESISTANCE at element lounge, featuring dopestyle with yoko solo and pu22l3, bloody snowman, patrice scanlon, preshish moments, the culprits, the luxury tax, keith! and the terrorists, burbank international, and the wolf suit. 8pm. $5. 1028 geary blvd, san francisco.