pd~ label release audiovisual DVD from the Graz Convention

pd~ label:
pd~ is a label for pd related audiovisual artworks and was founded 2005 by the pd~graz community.
We just made the first DVD release, which contains artworks performed at the first pd~convention in Graz, 2004.
   1. convention trailer (XXkunstkabel)
   2. corrosion (thomas grill, martin pichlmair)
   3. sinus2b (IOhannes m zmoelnig)
   4. this is pop (miha ciglar)
   5. cypod (beau casey)
   6. showcase (frank barknecht)
   7. att (georg holzmann)
   8. moocow meta sub remix (bryan jurish)
   9. automata inak vre (re_MI, thomas musil)
   10. hans apd (wolfgang schwarzenbrunner)
   11. suite for laptop and a dj setup (tim blechmann)
   12. r23 (yves degoyon)
   13. conica (tom schouten)
   14. worm (dj chew_Z, vj luX)
   15. pd patches and community (fraenk zimmer)
   16. esoterisches geplaenkel (bernhard neugebauer)
   17. improvisation (miller puckette)
   18. 100^2 (florian hollerweger)
   19. tragmatics fragment (andrey savitsky)
   20. chdh (cyrille henry)
If you are interested in the DVD, write a mail to: