Not to long ago, Saott Pagano and Speady J were touring around collaberating on some awsome AV jamms. They got recognized on apple's webpage because of their audience danzelling. We'll now those tracks have have been recorded on DVD for the home hi-fi audience. My only complaint is that the free version download iso is only in stereo, I guess I'll have to stopping being so cheap an shell out the $15 and pick one up.
All grumbling aside this is a solid production. It features alot of Scotts best material from reline and some new content that can is also well thought out. If you like is frenetic camera style, then you should be please with this work. On the sound side Speedyj provides his best performance since his phenominal break through album "public energy." Don't pass up this holiday stocking stuffer.

Ewi synth

Reaktor instrument designed for use with the Akai Ewi 4000 Now in the native-instruments library:

In rainbows

The downloading has stopped for in rainbows, so if you didn't get it, you'll have to wait until January when it comes out on CD. I've always like radiohead, but they were never my favourite band. This new album has just totally blown me away! With both melodic and Rockin tracks. After listening on my 5.1 home theater the sound quality left nothing lacking. Big Ups to Radiohead for adding this holiday treat to the playlist.

Things I want for Christmas

Besides the obvious and un purchase-able

i.e. World peace, stop global warming, save the forests, etc...

This list is in no particular order:
* cactus from dry garden
* ardouino
* nomad cafe gift card
* a big shovel
* Pair of headphones
* gift certificate to ameoba
* subscriptions to wired and rez magazines

I'll think of more things later....

also note: I want products that are made in the United States preferably California.