On the Air

Electronet 2, has been scheduled to run on KYOURADIO. We've put it in
the lineup for this Saturday Sep 29th at 3:24 am (PT). Listen online at http://kyou.com or in the bay area at 1550 am

Oct 20 Official Live Looping Day

The Mayor of Santa Cruz will declare October 20th "International Live Looping Day" In honour of the Y2K7 International Looping festival 


Woodstockhausen Cancelled

Woodstockhausen has been called off on account of rain. Hopefully this message will reach you all in time, if not there is a warm dry place with a the possibility of a small jam session. Look forward to more information about rescheduling of the event coming soon.

Woodstockhausen 2007

Performer listing announced:

Tim Thompson - Finger Fresco 2.0
Later Days(wayne) - Tangle
Keith Garrett - Transcommunality
The Posthumous Release (Barry Threw and Nathan Blaz) - Improvised electronic duo
Clatterbox - Live at Night (kusp parts)
Bruce Bennett - schema Composition for soprano sax and live electronics
Sidecar (Anne Hege and Heather Heise) - The Children's Hour Dark ambient
Luke Dahl - the name of that thing that sits in the whatever place
The Rick Walker Drum and Bugle Choir - Weird
lighting, uplit, dark, etc
Phillip Greenlief - Fourth World Accoustic
[NameLess Kala] (DJ saKAna and Djynnx Ogo) - slot good sublingual...subsonics Noise, gamelan, percussion
Steve McDonald & Justine Kragen - dj Dolphin: Tuna Net Freak-Out Laptop guitar, ambient underwater
Amar Chaudhary - Folk electronic
Cypod - The Lunar Preludes piece composed for voice and electronics
Hanab Krewe
Staff and artists jam session

Tickets and info available at http://www.elsaproductions.com/wsh/index.html

Woodstockhausen on YouTube

To get everyone excited about Woodstockhausen this weekened I posted my performance during the 2003 festival on Youtube:


Hope that gets you in the mood!

Y2K7 International Live Looping Fest

dates have been slated for this years 6th annual live looping festival in Santa Cruz California. The festival is a marathon of looping featuring 60 artists from 8 countries:


Saturday DJset

On Saturday I'll be spin an early evening set at club metro in the castro, at an Aids Marathon benefit. Some come on out and support:


Labour Day Bash

The Drum Machine Museum Labor Day Weekend Open House was also the East Bay release party for the VJ Book - ‘vE-”jA http://www.vjbook.com/

Performance came from DJs: Chris Cook (KUSF: 90.3FM) & DJ Guanaco (Drum Machine Museum).

And a Special Live set from Saul Stokes (Home made modular synthesizer) http://www.saulstokes.com/