LuggageStore 3/4

Thursday, Mar 4 2010 8:00 PM

Luggage Store New Music Series
1007 Market St.
@ 6th Street
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Outsound Presents
Conduct your own orchestra night. 

Here's how it works: The "Conductors" listed below were the first to reply to an invitational email to conduct the orchestra. Different conduction techniques can be used (including but not limited to hand gestures, verbal directions, cue cards and graphical scores). We will provide a basic set of cue cards as well as blank paper and black magic marker. 

Amar Chaudhary
Phillip Greenlief
Brendan Landis
Bob Marsh
Ann O'Rourke
Mark Briggs
Knauer Gordon
Lucio Menegon 
Chris Cohn

Mark Briggs - flute
Beau Casey - violin
Amar Chaudhary - Trad. Indian instruments
Chris Cohn
Knauer Gordon
Phillip Greenlief - sax
Rent Romus - sax
Sebastian Krawczuk - double bass
Brendan Landis - guitar
Bob Marsh - violin/cello
Ann O'Rourke - percussion

Cost : $6-10 sliding scale