Capitalize all folder names with python


import commands
import os

x = commands.getoutput('ls')

for y in x.split():
z = y.capitalize()
if y != z :
....cmdr = "mv " + y + " " + z
....print cmdr

SF Laptop Battle CD out on Daly City Records

SF Laptop & Machine Battles 2007 US Shipping / $10.00
Cat: DCR123
Label: Daly City Records
Release Date: 03/11/2008
Format: CD
Artist include:

Nosaj Thing
Nezzy Idy
Many IIz
Laskfar Vortok
Deep Cuts
Evan Morris
Kevin Shea Adams
Jasper Reeder

Listen and Purchase

WARNING: Explicit Lyrics, listern discretion is adviced

Backyard Garage

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4 New Water Color Pencil Sketches added. High resolution scans from my personal sketchbook have been published online. I have been working on these sketches through the autumn and winter, and recently coluorized them. See all now at:

10 reason's I like COMPUSA more than etail

1. No one bothers you, the sales staff never even talk to you - don't believe me - try getting some one to show you one of the manager special/broken display model cameras

2. Instant gratification, don' have to wait for shipping

3. It's closer than fry's

4. wher else can you scoff at technology and feel superior

5. I can't think of anymore, maybe thats why their going out of business.