New track from the element lounge sessions

End of the Summer Performances

Summer is ending with a flurry of performances:

Woodstockhause 2007:

The Headphone Festival:

The Laptop Battle:

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Frend Resistance

Fight the occupation. Join the underground. The first Wednesday of every month, Budget Cuts Music presents FRENCH RESISTANCE at Element Lounge, featuring live electronic music, underground DJs, and overdriven video. Dancing is hard. Fighting is easy. Resisting is radical.
Wednesday, August 1st, 2007, 9pm, $5
Sariah Storm (Terpsichore)
The Luxury Tax (Budget Cuts Music)
SelfText (Budget Cuts Music)
Nisus (The Movement)

Visuals by:
Hunter (Budget Cuts Music)
Cypod (Drum Machine Museum)

Element Lounge, 1028 Geary Blvd, SF, CA