NewTown Festival

Newtown summer music festival highlights

Supply and Demand

Dubstep'n @ the farmersblocktober 111 minna SF CA

Taste by Lily Taylor

Last weekend was the super fun backyard birthday bash for Lily Taylor. Everyone enjoyed some new works by Lily admist the revelry.

Hayward show info

Who: Colossal Inertia & DJ Cypod
When: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM PDT
Where: The Bistro in Hayward, 1001 B Street, Hayward CA 94541
Cost: $free

Sweetness has tooth

"Handless" is a superbly executed presentation of the Ragged Wing Ensemble's current season at the center stage on the Richmond El Cerrito border.The set decoration, costumes, effects and audio mixing effortlessly flow together drawing the audience further in to this twisted relm.

    The story, based on the Brothers Grimm tale of the handless maden, and is result of a year-long obsession for writer and director Amy Sass. When you pick up the devil at the side of the road, what else could he want more than the hand of your lovely daughter. And you would be lucky to catch this talented troupe, before they fly on to the next performance.

hayward performance

Evening of eclectic punk • Colossal Inertia • Wondering Stars
The Bistro • 1001 B Street • Hayward, CA 94541 • (510) 886-8525
03/24/2010 • 8:00 pm •!/event.php?eid=292693141211

one man banjo

The roaring twenties are coming back again. Kids at the lucid dream lounge are gearing up with the appropriate attire and decore for a speakeasy caberatte in Oaklands Vulcan artist community.

LuggageStore 3/4

Thursday, Mar 4 2010 8:00 PM

Luggage Store New Music Series
1007 Market St.
@ 6th Street
Click for Venue page on bayimproviser

Outsound Presents
Conduct your own orchestra night. 

Here's how it works: The "Conductors" listed below were the first to reply to an invitational email to conduct the orchestra. Different conduction techniques can be used (including but not limited to hand gestures, verbal directions, cue cards and graphical scores). We will provide a basic set of cue cards as well as blank paper and black magic marker. 

Amar Chaudhary
Phillip Greenlief
Brendan Landis
Bob Marsh
Ann O'Rourke
Mark Briggs
Knauer Gordon
Lucio Menegon 
Chris Cohn

Mark Briggs - flute
Beau Casey - violin
Amar Chaudhary - Trad. Indian instruments
Chris Cohn
Knauer Gordon
Phillip Greenlief - sax
Rent Romus - sax
Sebastian Krawczuk - double bass
Brendan Landis - guitar
Bob Marsh - violin/cello
Ann O'Rourke - percussion

Cost : $6-10 sliding scale

Lily Taylor - overtones

A friend recently passed me, one of the gems of 2009. Produced at Sound Arts in San Francisco, Lily Taylor's "overtones" is both soulful and melodic. The dominant instrumentation is voice and piano, with occasional interludes and conjectures by guitarist John Miller and cellist Stephan Canny. Lily Taylor, also known for her numerous performances around the city as a live looping artist, puts forth a strong show singing lead and back up vocals. The temporal  quality of Lily's voice is reminiscent of 6° artist Jorane, emoting a similar contemporary classical style. One particular draw is the clean and unhurried sense of sensibility, the eight songs unfold naturally in their own space and time, a welcome relief from the all too high speed pace of modern life.  The narrative of songs found is both intriguing and mysterious, leaving the listener far from jaded and definitely thirsting for more. Searching itunes I couldn't find this album, though Lily has a MySpace webpage:
Where you can wet your appetite with samples and find out about shows.

Colossal Inertia @ Uptown

Colossal Inertia playing live at the Oakland Uptown, Pirate Cat Radio local bands night.