Guilty Pleasures

On the Internet guilty pleasures abound, but purhaps none so sinister as subscribing to the Bay Area New Music email discussion list. The witty banter bounces back and forth like a tennis match of ascii text. Just reading is probably your best bet, also know as lurking. Because any posting can entangle you in a multi-dimensional free for all; if only the democratic process could be this diplomatic. In the past these lists were none to clogg inboxs, crouding out "important" correspondences. With todays email filtering options and larger storage quotas , The email lists have become the magazines du jour. All the messages get routed automagically to the folder, that you can convienently perouse at your leasure. One can subscribe with only a valid email address at or read through the archives. Leave some comments if you want it to get tied in through a blogger feed?

Keep on Rocking in the e~world

Just when we thought internet radio was lost Congress and SoundExchange have agreed not to enforce the per/play rate hike while negotiations continue. The proposed rate increases would have shut done most independent web-casters. You can get involved at

Skronkathon 7

In conjunction with 21 Grand's 7th anniversary celebration, the 7th annual Transbay Skronkathon BBQ is an all-day marathon music and BBQ extravaganza. Admission is free, but we'll pass the hat for the benefit of the Transbay Creative Music Calendar. We'll have a couple of charcoal grills out in the alleyway for your gustatory pleasure (BRING STUFF TO GRILL!) and a double load of the Bay Area's best creative musicians inside for your listening pleasure.

Date: Sunday July 15
If you are unable to attend, you can listen to a live internet stream, provided by sfSoundRadio.

Schedule (subject to change!):

Time Performer
12:30 The Transbay Circulation Desk
Folding, labeling, stamping and skronking with the Transbay Calendar staff: Matt Davignon, Tom Duff, Matt Ingalls, Aurora Josephson, David Slusser
1:00 womans worth
matthew grothman, alto, wilson drozdowski, trumpet, randylee sutherland, drums; dense yet melodic improvised outbursts with a strong focus on dynamics and form.
1:30 Recursive Heretics
Scott R. Looney uses his laptop to process Aaron Bennett's saxophone, resulting in a creative feedback loop of rare improvisational beauty.
2:00 Polly Moller & Company
Guitarist Grant Gardner and bassist Jim Carr have come to Oakland from New Jersey and Kentucky, respectively just to do Polly Moller's bidding. The result should be poetry, flutistry and otherworldly atmospheres.
2:30 Cornelius Cardew Choir
The Bay Area's own community new music chorus performs new works and Avant Garde classics
3:00 Jonathan Segel
3:30 Davignon/Brumit
Matt Davignon, drum machine, Jon Brumit, drums
4:00 David Slusser project
4:30 jay korber & mikey yeda duo
4:50 Heule/Dryer duo
Jacob Felix Heule, Tony Dryer
5:15 The Dark Side of Genius
Funk/Psychedelic/Fake Jazz improv
loud crazy abrasive improvised music: Jeremy Kearney, tenor sax, Alan Anzalone, saxophones, Micaela Petersen on, drums
6:30 Generally Midair
electro-acoustic chamber ensemble: Pauline Oliveros [via the net], Joe Zitt (electronics and voice), Scot Gresham-Lancaster (electronics), Adria Otte (violin), Beau Casey (electronics), Margot Bevington (voice), Thea Farhadian (electronics), Bob Marsh (cello), Tom Bickley (electronics), Nancy Beckman (shakuhachi).
7:00 Amar Chaudhary
solo digital
7:30 RTD3
Ron Heglin, trombone, Tom Nunn, homebrew percussion, Doug Carroll, elec cello
8:00 Dr. Bob
David Michalak, Bob Marsh, drummer: Cautionary surgical music and video (incl. Man Ray's DADA film masterpiece Return To Reason)
8:30 Mute Socialite
Alee Karim, Bass, Ava Mendoza, Guitar, Moe! Staiano, Drums, percussive guitar, Shayna Dunkleman
9:00 Tim Thompson
interactive video+music: theme music and title sequence graphics from a 70's TV action series gone horribly wrong.
9:30 Jorrit Dijkstra (Netherlands)/Phillip Greenlief (Oakland)
saxophone duo: Improvised explorations into the sonic possibilities of the saxophone
10:00 The Whassuptet
Gino Robair, Matt Ingalls, John Shiurba, Tim Perkis, Tom Djll+ maybe one Very Special Guest; re-enacting the 1878 Siege of Cleveland, employing 10-penny nails, unpeeled bananas, and a live crow
BONUS! SL Morse - Albert Camus - "The Myth of Sisyphus"
Sarah Lockhart and Suki O'Kane, morse code drumming about death/absence of God, lifting weights, success and failure, scheduled at their leisure in the afternoon in front of God's Gym.

Cost : free
Sunday, July 15, 2007 12:30 PM
Location: 21 Grand Gallery
416 25th St.
Oakland, CA 94612 view map
More Info: (510) 444-7263