Guilty Pleasures

On the Internet guilty pleasures abound, but purhaps none so sinister as subscribing to the Bay Area New Music email discussion list. The witty banter bounces back and forth like a tennis match of ascii text. Just reading is probably your best bet, also know as lurking. Because any posting can entangle you in a multi-dimensional free for all; if only the democratic process could be this diplomatic. In the past these lists were none to clogg inboxs, crouding out "important" correspondences. With todays email filtering options and larger storage quotas , The email lists have become the magazines du jour. All the messages get routed automagically to the folder, that you can convienently perouse at your leasure. One can subscribe with only a valid email address at or read through the archives. Leave some comments if you want it to get tied in through a blogger feed?

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