Denise #lifedrawing @ the sando

Another fabulous class with the lovely French model Denise. The room has been so packed for these sessions, there is even another person who draws on computer. Instead of using a tablet like me, she has a Macintosh and a wacom. I experienced some technical difficulties: having to close down programs and recalibrate the screenduring the; unexpectedly rebooting during the second set due to some system updating, I think, and losing one of the best drawings of the night. Still I drew these two during the 15 minute long poses in the final set, and saved just before my laptop's battery died. It will be a couple of weeks before the next class, so we'll see if I can find another muse until then.

Dirtyland @the newTheatre

A Dusty haze waftes in the air, and everything is coated with a
patina of grit. All the men are gone; now the town is run by a group
of sadistic women who exert their will on any they choose.

Three youths struggle through teen ankst and wanten sexual
desires in search of a mirror, the price of a ticket on the next
train. Can this group stay together, and find a way to the city? Will
they be split apart, spiraling out of control into the dirty land?

Just in time for the ling holiday weekend, get out of town with
dirtyland the current play on offer at the newtheatre in Newtown.

Kia #lifedrawing @theSando

another night spent sketching@the Sando. This time Kia was the model. After an initial set of five ones and then a set of five twos; we finished things off with a ten and a twenty of. This one was the twenty. This was my third session using on HPTouchmart tablet and Photoshop rather than traditional media, using opacity controls in the absence of proper pressure sensitivity. Clear there is still room for a lot of experimentation I thus for the medium is not dissimilar from drawing with a sharpie of felt tip marker.

drawing Mia

Mia @ Sandringham Hotel life drawing class April 4th 2011