Woodstockhausen 2007

Performer listing announced:

Tim Thompson - Finger Fresco 2.0
Later Days(wayne) - Tangle
Keith Garrett - Transcommunality
The Posthumous Release (Barry Threw and Nathan Blaz) - Improvised electronic duo
Clatterbox - Live at Night (kusp parts)
Bruce Bennett - schema Composition for soprano sax and live electronics
Sidecar (Anne Hege and Heather Heise) - The Children's Hour Dark ambient
Luke Dahl - the name of that thing that sits in the whatever place
The Rick Walker Drum and Bugle Choir - Weird
lighting, uplit, dark, etc
Phillip Greenlief - Fourth World Accoustic
[NameLess Kala] (DJ saKAna and Djynnx Ogo) - slot good sublingual...subsonics Noise, gamelan, percussion
Steve McDonald & Justine Kragen - dj Dolphin: Tuna Net Freak-Out Laptop guitar, ambient underwater
Amar Chaudhary - Folk electronic
Cypod - The Lunar Preludes piece composed for voice and electronics
Hanab Krewe
Staff and artists jam session

Tickets and info available at http://www.elsaproductions.com/wsh/index.html

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