3rd annual ROCK LOTTO.

Saturday, May 13 2006 8:00 PM
Moe! Staiano's 3rd annual ROCK LOTTO.

Show description:
Musicians get together and form "new rock bands" for one night. Musical results from past Rock Lotto shows are thought out, entertaining and rockin'! Musicians include members from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Vermillion Lies, Slydini, Ettrick, Drumhead, She Mob, Darling Freakhead, etc. Playing will be Moe! Staiano, Jacob Felix Heule, Michael Guarino, Sheila McCarthy, Mathias Bossi, Suki O’Kane, Beau Casey, David Cooper, Michael Mellender, Vicky Grossi, Eli Crews, Stephan Gustafsson, Micah Ball, Alan Korn, Scott Evans, Wally Scharold, Pat Moran, Mick Freakhead, Bill Wolter, Mark Briggs, Jon Axtell, Adam Chew, Polly Moller, Aaron Seeman, Matt Davignon, Ferrara Pan, Jen Baker, Lena Strayhorn, Thomas Dimuzio, Jeff Hobbs, Bob Marsh, Mark Stickman and Avery Burke. There will be six or seven "bands" that are made up for this special Saturday night to witness.
The Fishtank
3405 Piedmont Avenue
Oakland, California
Cost : $5-10; All ages
Bring a friend and rock out!

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