#sando sketch club

So this time I tried to mix some things up, and came up with a few ideas. First up, there is always a shortage of tables,and I sit at a desk all day no this time I tried drawing at a painters easel. Guess what I tablet sketching is actually putty cool, and it means that there is less glare from those reflected overhead lights. Plus it gives a chance to hold the going up through the index finger and thumb, a comfy penny style I picked up at my last drawing class from Allison the instructor. Collectively this was a big win, and a step in the right direction towards developing an individual style.

Besides some advances in the physical mechanics of the process, I had a few insights into operating the software. I am notorious for always going off the page, so why not let the computer help out by zooming in the screen so the is a margin around the edges. When drawing its a good idea to measure out the canvas so I use Photoshop guides to divide up the canvas into grids, this helps with measuring and proportion to at the image up in pieces.

The navigation window has always been my friend. From The class at college of Marin, I learned about creating a thumbnail to help see the broad gestures from a distance. Why not combine these two concepts and look @ the navigator a free thumbnail. Drawing, especially on a computer, can be difficult so definitely make to most out of the stuff that it can help you with.

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