The down tempo movement has been taken a step lower by inflating the air mattress and turning out the lights. In a radical paradyme shift, the deeplistening dream festival invites you to become completely relax. While so much of today's music serves as penny sweets to prop you up and keep you going, total relaxation challenges this very notion of purpose. Lust for excitement and instant gratification has left a vacum for the pendulum to swing powerfully towards investment in the revitalizing properties of sleep.

Sound walks is a moving journey through a distant landscape. Composed mainly of field recordings that have been looped and rearranged into a mosaic soundscape. Abstract musical etudes dot the landscape, augmented by multiple-tambral electronic tones and resonance. Animals and insects call and chirp through a clouded ecoscape perpetually shifting in the swaying breeze.

The musician trades focussed alert attention from the conciousmind for a chance to communicate directly with the subconcious imagination. In the sleeping state the normal cognetive defenses of built up to categorize and reference perceptive stimuli are released. Alert focused memory regions of the brain are a rest while subconcious areas of memory activiely recailibrates processing events during the sleep cycle.

The audience experience also provides interesting opportunities for personal cultural development. More than just sleeping with the television on, the dream festival relies on a cummunal trust. With legislature banning sleep in towns across the state, communal sleep challenges that notion. If the risk is to let yourself become unaware in a group situation the reward is the valuable possibility of experiencing art at a precognitive stage. At night the traffic noise subsides clearing the air for an undiluded musical experience.

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