Bandcamp !

Just in time for the holidays, Bandcamp come through with tracks for you! Not just is another indie music site, band camp lets artists sell their music online for free and a variety of network tracking statistics features. The layout is stylish, and unfettered by extraneous advertisements. They also have a flexible pricing structure for downloads. And to top it all off their widget has a neat-o 3D visualizer, very similar to what I used to do back in the with wings3d and pd at spin jam :

<a href="">virtual rave by djcypod</a>

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Andrew Kaluzynski said...

Yeah! I just started using it as well. It's amazing! Lossless AIFFs?!!

Great site.

Strohan said...

Actually, I found out about it from reading your website, and decided to signup because of their no fee music sales. I plan to release an e.p. there as soon as I get some more unreleased tracks ready.