Invite from Beau C: Electronic Music Showcase Marin County

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Date & Time: 2005-10-15 7:30 PM
Location: SonVolt Studios
Norhtbay Electronic Music Showcase featuring:

1. Dud: A group of musicians and artists that perform completely
songs and videographics. The music is constantly evolving, accessible,
groove-oriented. Graphics are generated in realtime (projected
behind the band) by using cameras and MIDI drums as input. Website:
2. i-er-er-ah: A pop/rock trio of keyboards, electric violin and
guitar/Ztar. With additional support from laptops, these three pump out
dance friendly music. Website:
3. Cypod: A graduate of Mills College in Electronic Music, Cypod specializes in beats and ambient textures. Website:

The show will be held at Sunnbolt Studios, 25 H Hamilton Drive, in
The show is free, though $5.00 donations would be appreciated.

Info and directions to the show will be held on i-er-er-ah’s website,
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